You can't not love Scott & Stiles! Here's a few of my fave pics of the gorgeous pair. (And if you don't know who they are and you've never seen Teen Wolf, then you're seriously missing out!! Go and watch it now. It's a fucking stud-fest and total gay eye-candy!)

1x11-Formality-scott-and-stiles-24684999-1280-720 2x09-Party-Guessed-scott-and-stiles-31729507-1280-720 3x02-Chaos-Rising-scott-and-stiles-34697221-1916-1076 3x12-Lunar-Ellipse-scott-and-stiles-35351761-1916-1076 6_stiles-scott delete7 original Scott-Stiles-image-scott-and-stiles-36553758-1916-1076 Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 12.07.13 PM Teen_Wolf_S03E17_1080P_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_1159 teen-wolf-jackson-whittemore-scott-mccall-stiles-lacrosse TWAlphaStilesScott5 tw-best-header