Models: Scott Demarco, Dakota Lovell

Studio: Brother Crush

Themes: Bareback, Older On Younger, Breeding

Dakota's older brother Scott has been left in charge while their parents are away. Some money was left for the boys and Dakota wants half, but older brother Scott doesn't think Dakota is mature enough. The twink is willing to prove to his brother that he's mature and does was Scott tells him, which is strip down naked. Scott is surprised by how big Dakota's dick is and gets his hand on it. He then pulls out his own dick for Dakota to touch in return. Soon the horny brothers are jerking each other off and rubbing their hard dicks together. Scott gets Dakota to drop to his knees and Dakota then begins taking his brother's dick down his throat. He sucks and swallows that boner and gets a face-fucking from his older brother before he's told to stand up and bend over.

Scott eats out his brother's ass before sliding his bare cock deep inside. He pumps away and pounds the boy from behind, slow and smooth at first, then harder and faster. The brothers move to the floor where Scott continues to bang his bro from behind before laying back to let the sexy teen ride his dick. Dakota bounces up and down his brother's bare bone and jerks off at the same time until he shoots a huge load of cum all over. Scott then breeds his younger brother as he unloads inside of the boy and pulls out to let his jizz ooze from the twink's hole.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! Dakota is very cute and looks hot swallowing Scott's cock. Dakota riding Scott's dick and cumming is a particular highlight too.

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