Horny young jock Sam Truitt submits to tattooed hunk trenton Ducati and takes all of his big dick in “Paying Your Dues”.


In this sizzling scene, Sam has been caught jerking off at work, and officer Ducati has been called in to investigate. He interrogates Sam until he confesses, and that's when officer Ducati knows he's got control of the young jock. Trenton asserts his dominance by unzipping his pants and pulling out his huge throbbing dick, then rams it into Sam's face and forces the jock to suck on every inch of it. Wanting to stay out of trouble, Sam complies and swallows as much of that thick boner as he can. Soon they're both totally naked, and Sam's own big dick is also throbbing and in need of attention. Fortunately for him, officer Ducati is in a generous mood and returns the blowjob.

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The tattooed hunk then spins Sam around and buries his face into the jock's ass, eating out his tight butt hole before then ramming his fat cock deep inside it. Trenton hammers Sam's hole, fucking the jock good and hard from behind and then from below as Sam rides the hunk balls deep. After bouncing on Trenton's dick, Sam gets flipped onto his back for another hard pounding until they're both ready to blow their loads. Left lying in pools of cum, I'd say Sam has definitely payed his dues….

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