Asher Hawk & Sam Northman

Asher Hawk is back again for another new College Dudes scene, and this time he's paired up with the tall, dark and handsome Sam Northman.0

During the opening interview we discover that 20 year old Asher is already hard (the director describes him as a “walking hardon”) and ready for action. So the boys get straight into the action, kissing, touching and groping each other whilst they strip, before Asher goes down and wraps his lips around Sam's cock. After some hot sucking, Asher then gets his turn as Sam returns the blowjob, deepthroating that rock-hard boner whilst he jerks his own meat.00

Sam loves having Asher's dick in his mouth, but he knows it'll feel even better inside his ass, so as soon as it's lubed up Sam climbs on top and squats right down onto that fuckpole. He bounces up and down slowly at first, before getting into a good rhythm and riding it deep and hard. Asher pumps Sam’s ass full of his throbbing dick, pulling in and out fast while Sam’s perfect butt bounces with every thrust.000

Once Sam flips on his back, Asher buries his cock even deeper inside, filling that well-fucked hole up until Sam can't hold back any longer and explodes, covering himself in hot, white jizz. Asher pulls out, quickly scoops up some of Sam's spunk, then rubs it all over his cock and uses it as lube to jerk himself off until he shoots huge jets of  his own cum all over Sam too.

Sam isn't complaining though, he clearly loves being a cum-rag!

  • Dylan

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