It must be crazy over at Helix Studios whenever a new guy arrives, especially a cute, 19-year-old bottom – everyone wants a turn fucking his ass. Sage Porter only released his first video in the middle of March, a threeway with Alex Greene and Ian Levine. Then he did a flip flop session with blond Jessie Montgomery and another bottom scene with hung Dylan Hall. Now it's Evan Parker's turn.

The guys are hanging out playing some games on Xbox. Evan has just broken up with his boyfriend and he wanted some distraction. Lying on the bed in jeans and barefooted, Sage is distracted when Evan's foot starts rubbing his. He tries to talk to Evan about his break-up, but Evan doesn't want to drag things down with a serious talk. Then the look, a nervous giggle, and finally the kiss. Soon Sage is lying back with his jeans are around his ankles and Evan is nursing on his dick.

Sage leans over his desk and Evan warms up his ass. The underneath filming not only gives us a good view of Evan's fat hard-on sliding in and out, but Sage's own swollen dick is bouncing and swaying to the rhythm. Finally Sage lies back on the bed and Evan holds his feet and drills him for a long while until the boys are ready to spunk. I wonder who will be fucking Sage Porter next?