When we last checked in with Helix Studios’ new series VELO, Matthew Keading had to let a big client (Ty Roderick) fuck his ass in order to save his job. And this scene picks up with Matthew arriving back at the courier company and complaining to Jacob Dixon about his demanding client. Andy Taylor shows up for his first day as a bike courier, but dispatcher Ryker Madison puts the lad on hold while he takes care of something.

Jacob Dixon has been rude to a client and Ryker has to talk to him about it. If Jacob keeps up with the bad attitude he’s going to lose his job. Ryker and Jacob have a thing going on the side – Jacob likes shoving his 9-inch huge cock up Ryker’s cute little ass – and while the dispatcher enjoys their fun and doesn’t want it to end, Jacob’s going to get fired if he doesn’t smarten up.

Dixon knows Ryker has feelings for him, it’s not just a couple of guys fucking around, so Jacob kisses and flirts his way back into Ryker’s good graces. Then to seal the deal, Jacob bends Ryker over the desk and gives him one of his long, slow ass fuckings. Ryker’s not sure that Jacob intends to be more service minded, but he’s loving having the lad’s cock in his ass. Jacob sits back in an office chair and Ryker rides his bone until the boys shoot two loads of creamy cum, then Ryker boots his fuck buddy out so he can talk to the new guy. And Dixon has to head off to take care of his new client, an 18-year-old whiz kid and software developer … hmmm, I can see where this is going.