Muscly studs and pair up for a sizzling fuck in the latest update from Falcon Studios.

Rod is cycling and enjoying the beautiful coastline of San Francisco when suddenly his chain breaks. Luckily for him, passes by and to help. He brings Rod back to the bike shop where their eyes meet, and suddenly they burst into lustful kissing. Stripping off their tight spandex cycling gear, Rod gets down on the ground and works his lips around Ryan's huge cock. Ryan blows Rod in return, then spins him around to eat the hunk's juicy pink hole.

Looking over his shoulder, Rod moans out loud as he feels the intense pleasure of Ryan's cock filling him up. Ryan pounds his tight hole good and hard before they move to a seated position for Rod to show off his strong legs as he bounces on Ryan's stiff pole. Rolling onto his back, Rod puts one leg in the air and Ryan unleashes the full power of his energetic fucking. The intense sensations makes Rod blow his load across his sexy abs, and Ryan soon adds his own hot jizz to the mix too!

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