Models: Ryan Jordan, Brandon Anderson

Studio: Active Duty

Themes: Bareback, Flip-Flop, Military

Military jocks Ryan and Brandon are sat in the camouflaged compound wearing their army-issue tees and shorts. After a quick intro, it's clear that Brandon has a big boner inside of his shorts. Ryan reaches over and peels the shorts down, freeing Brandon's throbbing cock. He then goes down on that dick, expertly sucking and swallowing the stiff shaft, getting it nice and wet. Brandon gives Ryan a bit of a face-fucking too before it's his turn to return the favor. Ryan's big throbbing cock is quickly free from his shorts and Brandon gets on his knees to service that lengthy boner. He sucks and swallows as much of it as he can, almost choking on that chunky hard shaft.

It's then time for Brandon to give up his ass to Ryan's dick, so he lays on his back and Ryan slowly squeezes his full length inside of Brandon. Ryan pounds the stud on his back, pumping all of his raw fuck-pole in and out of that tight ass. Brandon sits on Ryan's dick and rides it for a while, then it's time for the switch! Now Brandon gets to shove his bare boner into Ryan's hole and pound the inked jock in the missionary position. Ryan clearly loves feeling that dick pounding away at his hole as he moans and groans in pleasure. All that ass-pounding soon has the horny pair cumming hard and spraying their hot loads all over.

Dick Detective's verdict: An excellent pairing, and I loved watching Brandon pound Ryan who clearly loves that dick inside of him.

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