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This is the first time we've ever seen Ryan Bailey bottom on camera – and it's smoking hot! If you thought he was a great top, just wait until you see him bottom. The boy has skills! Ryan is paired with big-dicked beauty Corbin Colby, and we get lots of passionate kissing from the pair to begin with. Ryan then gets his first taste of Corbin's big boner as he sucks and slurps on that lengthy schlong. Damn that boy looks cute sucking cock. I love how Ryan has the ability to switch into submissive bottom boy mode for this scene, complete with doe-eyes. It only gets better from there as he spreads his legs and lets Corbin rim his super-tight pink hole.

It's then onto the main event, and we get to see Corbin's big bare boner slide deep into Ryan's ass. How it fits in there is a mystery! Ryan rides it hard, and you'd swear he'd always been a bottom boy. He visibly and audibly loves having that dick deep inside of him, expertly massaging his insides. We get to see Corbin pound Ryan's ass in several positions until he fucks the cum out of him. It's a beautiful load. Corbin follows up by giving Ryan's freshly-fucked hole a creampie before sliding his cum-coated cock back in to breed the young beauty!

Ryan really shows us just how good of a performer he is here. I can't wait (and hope) to see him bottom again, but I still love to see him top too of course.

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