This sizzling scene features another super-cute pairing in the form of and .

Following on from photoshoot out in the park, these sexy boys head indoors to get it on together. Passionate kissing leads to some hot cock-sucking action, and Ryan's huge cock proves no match for Tyler as he sucks and swallows every inch of it. Tyler then gets his dick blown in return before the real action begins…

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Tyler's bubble butt is no stranger to taking a pounding, and it's never looked better than with a big dick pumping in and out of it. Point proved here too as Ryan buries the full length of his dick into Tyler's tight ass and fucks the twink all over the bed, going at that hole from every angle until finally fucking the cum out of the sexy bottom boy.

You've got to give it to Helix Studios, they can match two super-cuties and get a super-hot sex scene with great chemistry from them too!

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