Rudi Gets Massaged & Milked!

Young jock Rudi Valentino gets a sensual massage with a very happy ending from sexy masseur Shane Hirch in the latest scene from Twinks In Shorts.

When Rudi arrives for his massage, he didn't expect his masseur to be such a hunk, so it's no wonder his dick is rock hard the moment Shane gets his hands on him. Shane uses massage oil to ease his hands over Rudi's body, getting his skin all slippery and shiny. It's not long before Shane has moved his way down to Rudi's ass, and he makes sure to give that a damn thorough working over! He quickly finds Rudi's big boner too, so like any professional masseur he grabs a hold of it and massages every inch of that throbbing uncut cock.

Shane has a better tool for massaging dicks though…. his mouth. He wraps it around Rudi's dick, and expertly uses his lips and tongue to suck the jock's dick from tip to base. Rudi isn't complaining one bit, he just lays back and enjoys his thorough massage until he's ready to blow his load. That's one happy customer!

Watch the trailer below:

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