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Oliver gets things started by going in for a kiss, then working his lips down Rowan's body until he gets to the jock's crotch. He pulls open Rowan's jeans, then gets his expert lips around his dick as he sucks and swallows every inch of the jock's boner. Rowan then throws Oliver onto the bed, and there's a little foot-fetish action here too before he sucks off Oliver's raging hardon.

Once he's done blowing Oliver, Rowan then slides his raw dick into the jock's tight ass and fucks him good and hard. He relentlessly slams into that ass right from the start, and continues to forcefully fuck Oliver's butt in several positions until finally drilling a huge load out of him – and it's so powerful that Oliver hits himself in the face with his own jizz! Rowan then pulls out and dumps his own load over Oliver too before they share a final kiss to finish the scene…..

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