Ronan Kennedy and Zach Covington hook up for a bareback fuck that ends with ginger cutie Zach cumming hands-free!

In this hot Broke Straight Boys scene, Ronan and Zach are ready for action right from the start. In no time, Zach has his lips around Ronan's huge dick as he blows the tattooed jock and does his best to swallow it. That's a lot of inches to swallow too! Zach does his best to get that big boner down his throat, and gets his own dick sucked for a while too, but then quickly goes back to sucking on Ronan's tasty meat.

Ronan then bends Zach over the bed and gets to work rimming and fingering the cutie's tight butt hole. Once it nicely prepped, Ronan rams his raw cock into Zach's hole and fucks hot hard! He slams Zach from behind, then flips him over on to his back to pound the ginger jock even harder. For the final position, Zach rides Ronan balls deep, and that really must have hit the spot for him as he cum's hands-free while Ronan hammers into him from underneath. A short while after the hands-free cum shot, Ronan pulls out and creampies Zach's freshly-fucked butt before ramming his dick back inside and fucking the cum into the bottom boy. This sends Zach over then edge again and he cums a second time, leaving Ronan covered in two of his hot loads!

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