Horny stud is online looking to hook up with the sexy “Alexis” he's been chatting to, but when he opens the door expecting her, he finds young jock instead!


Romeo has been catfishes by Johnny who preyed upon the stud's desperate need to get off, so what's he to do other than let Johnny help him out since he's there. Johnny drops to his knees and swallows Romeo's hard cock, slobbering over every inch of it before feeding the stud his own throbbing boner in return.

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With the oral over, Romeo still wants to stick his dick into a tight hole, so Johnny offer sup his ass to the stud who doesn't hesitate to pound it deep and hard. Johnny takes a rough fucking from Romeo as the stud pummels his hole in several positions, and once Romeo has finally emptied his balls out all over Johnny he's surely left happy that he was catfishes after all!

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