gives it to in “Fuck Me Silly” from MEN.

In this scene, Roman overhears Will on the phone talking about his relationship. Will is upset that his boyfriend isn't attentive to him anymore. Roman decides to take matters into his own hands and give Will the attention he needs! The hunk gets naked and hops into bed with sex-starved Will. He sucks on the jock's stiff dick, then up his own big boner for Will to blow in return. Once Will is done swallowing Roman's cock, he gets it shoved up his tight butt hole.

Roman pounds Will's cock-hungry ass all over the bed. He fucks the jock in several positions, attacking that hole from all angles. Soon enough, Will gets the cum fucked out of him. He then watches as Roman squirts out a big load all over himself too. Sealed with a passionate kiss, this fling is just what Will needed.

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