Muscly studs and tag-team sexy jock in this sizzling threesome scene from

In “Two Timing Whore”, Roman Todd discovered that Diego Sans has been sleeping with someone else behind his back. He's even more shocked to discover that the person he's cheated with is his best friend, Leo Fuentes. Roman confronts the pair, but his sexual urges outweigh his anger and he very quickly demands that they both suck his dick! Leo and Diego decide to comply, and they're soon on their knees kissing, licking, and sucking Roman's big dick at the same time. Roman then lays back as Diego continues to blow him, while Leo sits on his face so Roman can eat out the stunner's beautiful butt hole.

Roman then gets Leo to suck his dick again before he then rams it deep into the jock's ass and fucks him hard from behind. Leo keeps his lips firmly wrapped around Diego's dick and blows the hunk as Roman pound his ass harder and harder. Once Roman is done with that hole, Diego then takes over and rams his dick into Leo's butt from below. Leo rides him balls deep as Diego sucks on Roman's big boner, and they then swap position so Leo can service Roman's dick while Diego continues to drill his hole…..

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