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Leo is looking for a roommate and offering free rent for services rendered. When Rocke turns up to look at the place, he's very curious as to what services Leo is referring to. Leo bluntly informs him that he's looking for a fuck! Rocke is unsure at first, but soon a fuck a week for free rent seems like a great deal, and soon they're both totally naked on the couch together. Leo hungrily devours Rocke's chunky dick, and then up his own big uncut cock for the sexy stud to blow in return.

With the oral over, Leo then test drives his new roommate's dick by sliding his ass down onto it and riding it balls deep. Rocke then gets to take control as he flips Leo onto his back and pounds the jock's ass good and hard. They then switch to a doggy style position until Rocke is ready to blow, and he empties out a huge load of cum all over Leo's pretty face. That's enough to make Leo cum too, and the young stud is left totally covered in jizz and very happy with his new roomie!

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