Ridehard is the hot XXX comic book series written and drawn by Alexander. The series follows the fuck-filled adventures of young British super-spy Alex Ridehard as he saves the world – and shoots his load!

The final issue in the series, Ridehard 3, is now available to buy from Class Comics. The book is available in either print or digital editions, and how's this for innovative – the print edition also has a special laminated “Jizz Sheild” cover to prevent it from any unwanted ‘stains' that may occur from reading!

In this issue, R.I.M. (Royal Intelligence Ministry) agent Alex Ridehard has his hands full with what could very well be his most challenging assignment yet. The very future of R.I.M hangs in the balance as the double crossing Russian agent Vincent Valentine prepares to complete his ultimate mission and assassinate a high ranking official. Can Agent Ridehard stop sucking dick long enough to put a stop to these dastardly plans? Gadgets, cocks, car chases, high altitude fucking, secret plans, dad & son action, bukkakes, criminal geniuses, hairy hunks, hot young jocks, twinks and sexual espionage… Ridehard #3 has all of this and more! Series creator Alexander brings his AAA+++ game to the table and has created the most spectacularly exciting issue of his hit series yet.
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You can buy Ridehard #3, plus Ridehard #1 and #2 from Class Comic here. This message will self-destruct in 3…2…1…..

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