Models: Ryan Kroger, Rick Fantana

Studio: Bromo

Themes: Bareback, Hunks, Tattoos

Muscly hunk Rick Fantana returns to his motel room to find the lights off. When he turns them on, he discovers sexy stud Ryan Kroger naked on all fours on the bed. Rick immediately makes the most of the opportunity and shoves his throbbing cock into Ryan's willing mouth. After a good face-fucking, inked stud Ryan spins around so Rick can get to his ass.

Rick rims that ass hole until it's good and wet, then rams his raw cock deep inside. The hunk slams his dick into Ryan from behind over the side of the bed, then stands Ryan up against the wall to pound him even harder. Finally, Rick lays Ryan on his back and drills the stud in the missionary poison. Before long Ryan is pumping jizz out of his dick and all up his own body. Moments later Rick blows too, leaving Rick's ass coated in his jizz.

Best moment: Rick pounding Ryan up against the wall.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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