Real-life buddies  and get it on together for the very first time in “Straight Encounters: A True Story”.

Conan McGuire is brand new to the gay porn scene, and it's thanks to his real-life buddy Jake Davis that he's making his debut. Conan had known about Jake doing gay porn for a while, and wanted to earn some extra cash himself, so he asked his buddy about getting into gay porn. Naturally, the best way to ease newbie Conan into this new and exciting world was for Jake to join him for his first ever scene.

In the scene, we get to watch interviews with the guys and learn all about the road leading up to this gay porn debut for Conan. We then get to see it in action of course, beginning with the muscly jocks making out on the bed before stripping off until they're both totally naked. These guys have got some sexy and well-defined bodies on them, with Conan being the beefier of the two. He's also got a beefy dick too which Jake has a great time sucking and slurping on. The boys swap blowjobs, and then we get to see Conan eat out and finger his buddy's ass before they move onto the anal action.

Jake botoms for his buddy Conan in this scene, and we get to see the muscly top ram his dick deep into Jake's tight hole and fuck him hard in several positions. There's some great creative positions from the pair, and a hot pile-drive fuck too. For a newbie, Conan really seems to be a natural! I for one could watch him pound Jake's ass all day long. Conan eventually fucks the cum out of Jake, then pulls out and squirts his own load all over the sexy jock.

A fantastic scene, and hopefully just the first of many for newbie Conan!

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