Stunning newbie Angel Lopez gets his ass fucked raw by blond beauty Ray Mannix in this sizzling outdoor bareback duo scene.

Outside in the garden of their countryside house, Euro boy beauties Angel and Ray get the scene started with some passionate kissing as they slowly remove each other's clothes. Ray then drops to his knees and opens Angel's jeans to free his stiff uncut cock which he eagerly devours, sucking on every inch of the thick shaft. I love how Ray keeps looking up doe-eyed at Angel as he lovingly laps at his dick here! They then swap over and Ray gets his dick sucked and swallowed in return, and he also gives Angel a nice face-fucking for good measure too.

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We then get some great fingering and rimming action as Angel bends over and Ray gets to work on his smooth ass and tight hole, and the blond twink then rams his raw cock deep inside and fucks that beautiful butt good and hard from behind. The close-up shots from underneath are particularly nice here as ray's bare boner pumps in and out of Angel's tight hole! They fuck in a few more positions before ending with Angel getting the cum fucked out of him as he rides Ray's dick, and it's not long before Ray is then ready to blow his load too which Angel greedily gobbles up!

A beautiful setting for some beautiful bareback fucking.

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