0This weekend I had the pleasure of asking porn star & producer Ashton Bradley a few questions, so read on to find out more about his work in front of and behind the camera, plus discover the hottest thing he's ever seen whilst filming!

Q&A: Ashton Bradley

A lot of people know you for your work in front of the camera, but what they may not know is that you work behind the camera too. Can you tell us a little about what you do?
The short answer is I direct porn! I guess the three projects I am most known for are Boynapped.com, BlakeMason.com and YoungBastards.com and over the years I have built up quite a collection. Its an amazing job, one little idea growing into a full production and finally out into the market.

Is prodcuing something you'd wanted to do?
Its always interested me. I used to date a guy who had a porn company so I learnt all about the industry. But my getting into directing actually happened by accident! I was modelling and when I was done I got asked to help with the next scene. Years later… Here I Am

How much creative input do you have for the scenes you film?
As a model for Boynapped I plan my own scenes. My only real boundaries are what the sub will and won't do! I like to have ‘Play-Time’ in the studio. I get out there and just make things. Some get used, some turn into other ideas.

What has been your proudest scene or moment you've been involved in so far?
I have a top 3! In no particular order:

Filming London Spunked with ChiChi LaRue was a dream come true! I remember just sat opposite her at our first production meeting in total awe!

Filming the BlakeMason 1000th EP. I have been a Blake fan since it started. Having the honor of not only being the director now but getting to make this milestone was amazing.

Making the Boynapped 500th EP was a big deal for me! Boynapped has always been an amazingly important product to me and has helped me through so many things in my life. I might of even cried just a little when we filmed it!

What's the funnniest thing that's ever happened on set whilst you've been filming?
I have a very dark sense of humor… things like people falling over make me crease over. I think me falling down the stairs after my first ever Boynapped sub scene was the stupidest but funniest thing i have seen on set.

And what's the hottest thing that's ever happened on set whilst you've been filming?
Riley Tess getting triple penetrated! Unfortunately it wasn’t sustained long enough to make the final edit. (Dick Detective's note – that's a shame. You'll have to try and recreate that in a future scene!)

When filming, do you have to get into a certain frame of mind so you're not distracted by the action going on?
I don’t HAVE to… it kind of automatically happens. I have planned the sex out beforehand anyway so during the actual filming the team and I are looking at things like lighting and framing. We do get the occasional work erection, that's when we know this ones gonna be great!

You work with a lot of models on a regualar basis. Do you all feel like a family at times?
We kind of are! I live with Deacon Hunter and EuroboyXXX Director Ryan James. I have been with Edwin Sykes for about 9 months now and Mickey Taylor is one of my best mates. We spend A LOT of time together. And of course there is our father figure Ben Willis.

I'm sure working with models is mostly a fun experience, but there are no doubt a few less fun moments too. Without naming names, can you tell us about the most diva moment you've ever experienced?
I don’t really have a lot of divas on set. I think its a mix of the models we pick, the fact they are welcomed into our family, and the fact that I don’t take shit! 

What do you look for in potential models?
A passion for sex! Everything else can be learnt. (Dick Detective's note – You heard it people. What are you waiting for? Get those applications in!)

Do you also pick the models you work with in front of the camera?
I do yes. Based on whats best for the site and what the models want to do.

Is that not everyone's dream come true?
I have two words that will answer that… DAN BROUGHTON!

What type of guys do you go for personally?
I don’t really have a type. I guess tall, older than me, and hairy! Someone like Conor Habib…  But I never end up with that kind of guy.

When it comes to sex, what one thing do you love doing/having done to you the most?
I like getting head. And making guys cum.

We all know you like a bit of kink/dominating, so what one thing do you love doing to someone the most?
I really love CBT! Feeling a guy squirm is fun!

What's next for you in front of the camera?
I have just been in another Euroboyxxx and a new DVD for Youngbastards.com (that I directed too).

And from your involvement behind the camera, what's coming up that we can look forward to?
The Blake Mason 1000th scene is out NOW (go sign up). Also Cruised and Abused should be out any day now from Youngbastards.com.

And lastly, if you were forced to pick one, would you choose working in front of or behind the camera?
Behind! Definitely! I LOVE seeing things I have made go live! seeing people enjoy them. seeing my content get posted onto twitter etc!

That's all from this Q&A, so a huge thank you to Ashton Bradley for taking the time out of filming horny young guys to answer these questions! Check out some photos of Ashton below, and also some photos of Blake Mason's 1000th scene which features a hot six lad orgy including Mickey Taylor, Riley Tess, Sam Bishop, Damian Gomez, Dylan Thorne and Luke Desmond. Not to be missed!

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