Models: Princeton Price, Scott Finn

Studio: Next Door Raw

Themes: Bareback, Flip-Flop

Princeton Price and Scott Finn are at the gym together, and after a sweaty workout they hit the showers. As lean twink Scott soaps himself up and strokes his cock, Princeton can't help but stare. Soon enough Princeton joins Scott and a little teasing and touching leads to a deeply passionate kiss under the shower water. We then see Princeton drop to his knees and begin sucking Scott's hard cock, licking up and down the full length of the solid shaft. After the oral, Scott gets Princeton against the wall and slides his raw dick deep into the stud's ass. He pounds Princeton hard from behind for a while before they move from the shower back into the gym.

Princeton lays on the floor on his back as Scott slides into his hole once again and drills him hard and fast. The horny pair then flip, and now Scott is on his back as Princeton squeezes his bare bone into Scott's hole. Scott jerks off as he takes a pounding from Princeton's dick and soon blows his load over himself. We see Princeton wipe up Scott's cum and feed it to him before he pulls out and blows his own load all over Scott's taint and balls. He shoves his dick back in, then shares a final passionate kiss with the inked twink.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! I really like the shower segment, and especially the every passionate kissing.

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