Models: Price Hogan,

Studio: Gayhoopla

Themes: Jocks, Muscle, Virgin

Young and muscly jocks  and Paul Tiller hook up in this scene. It's Paul's very first time bottoming, and he's definitely prepared for the situation. In the behind the scenes footage we see Paul stretching his virgin ass open with a butt plug and shaving his ass so it's nice and smooth. Paul's a little nervous, but excited about losing it to sexy 19 year old Price.

The action begins with lots of lustful kissing on the couch as the horny pair strip off. Paul goes down on Price and sucks the jocks stiff dick for a while. We then see Paul lay on his back and spread his legs wide, exposing his virgin hole. Price goes in and eats out that ass before shoving his dick deep inside of it. Nice and tight! You can tell by Paul's expressions and noises that it takes him while to get used to it, but he's soon loving the pounding he gets from Price.

The boys fuck in a few positions, and Paul gets the cum drilled out of him before Price squirts his seed all over Paul's freshly de-flowered ass!

Best moment: Price dumping his load over Paul's ass and smearing it around with his dick. 

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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