Sex in prison is something that has been portrayed in gay porn many a time, but is this theme hot or not? Vote in the poll below!

There's no getting away from the notion of sex in prison being sleazy and dirty, but when it comes to this theme being portrayed in gay porn, do you find it hot and arousing or does it still remain sleazy in a bad way? Check out a few examples of sex in prison from various porn scenes below and then cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of the page:


Barebacked In Prison Part 1 – Rocko South & Zane Anders (BROMO)

3 4

Barebacked In Prison Part 2 – Eli Hunter & Forza (BROMO)

5 6

A Guide to Sex In Prison Part 1 – Sebastian Young & Landon Mycles (MEN)

7 8

Scared Str8 Part 1 – Garrett Cooper & Rafael Alencar (MEN)

9 10

Scared Str8 Part 2 – Roman Todd & Travis Stevens (MEN)

11 12

Barebacked In Prison Part 4 – Sebastian Young, Eli Hunter, Zane Anders, Forza & Rocko South (BROMO)

15 16

Scared Str8 Part 3 – Aspen & Kurt Wild (MEN)

13 14

There's No Place Like D-Wing – XXX comic book by Alexander (Class Comics)

1 2


So what's your verdict? Sex in prison, hot or not? Vote now:

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