Guys in sportswear may have been a niche thing in gay porn back in the day, but nowadays you'll find sports themed scenes on many mainstream gay porn sites. But are guys wearing sports kit and sports themed scenes hot or not?

Check out a small selection of sportswear related scenes from mainstream porn sites below, and then vote in the poll below!

Tennis – Paul Walker & Louis Blakeson (Staxus)

15 16

Soccer – Ian Levine & Nicolas Reed (Helix Studios)

3 4

Soccer – Will Shaw (Englishlads)

9 10

Rugby – Christian Martin, Damian Boss, Jonny Kingdom (Staxus)

19 20

American Football – Colby Jansen & Darin Silvers (Men)

13 14

Soccer – William Brooklyn & Cameron Wilson (Hard Brit Lads)

7 8

Tracksuits/Sneakers – Luke Desmond & Thiery Schaffauser (Hard Brit Lads)

5 6

Wrestling – Jeffrey Lloyd & Tony Conrad (Staxus)

1 2

Swimming – Brad Fitt, Jace Reed, Sven Laarson, Mike James, Ryan Olsen (Staxus)

17 18

Baseball – Max Carter & Noah White (Helix Studios)

11 12


So what do you think? Guys in sportswear – hot or not? Vote below:

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Wether you personally find sportswear themed scenes hot or not, it looks like they'll definitely keep cropping up from time to time on mainstream sites. And I for one say bring them on!