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In “Charmed”, Pierre and Philip get together for a passionate scene, starting with some slow and deep kissing as they strip out of their clothes. Totally naked, their sexy bodies come together as they continue to kiss, and then lips move lower as the horny studs take turns sucking on one another's big throbbing cocks. Pierre then bends over on the table, allowing Philip unrestricted access to his beautiful butt. the stud buries his face right into it and eats out Pierre's twitching hole, expertly rimming it with his wet tongue.

They then move onto the anal action, and Philip slides his dick deep into Pierre's tight ass and pumps every inch in and out of the inked stud. It's a very passionate and lustful fuck, and Pierre takes Philip's ultra-thick cock in a few positions before finally getting the cum fucked out of him. Pierre is then quick to drop to his knees before Philip and take the stud's hot load all over his sexy muscled chest and abs…..

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