Models: Pierce Paris, Joey Mills

Studio: Men

Themes: Bareback, Older On Younger, Creampie/Cum On Ass

Muscly hunk is watching videos of the “Running Butthole Challenge” on his phone and laughing at them as cute twink watches on. inquires as to what Pierce is watching, but isn't impressed at what he sees. Later, Joey secretly decides to try the running butthole challenge for himself in his bedroom. The challenge involves running and jumping towards a phone and at the last minute exposing your ass to the camera.

But without knowing, Pierce has secretly got undressed and hard and hidden amongst the pillows on Joey's bed. So when Joey takes a running jump and exposes his ass to the camera, he unexpectedly lands hole-down on Pierce's big bare dick! I love Joey's expression as he lands on that boner. Then follows a sizzling duo between the horny pair, with Pierce pounding Joey's little ass all over the bed in various positions. Joey takes a deep pile-drive pounding until Pierce is ready to nut and creampie the twink's well-fucked hole. That's a challenge I'm sure Joey will be taking up again very soon.

Dick Detective's verdict: 10/10! A very fun plot and a fantastic scene with lots of hot positions and great cum-shots.

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