Stunning young jock catches hot stud jacking off to him in his closet, leading to a smoking hot encounter between the two in “Peepers” part three.


fantasises about sexy jock Michael Del Ray, and decides to sneak into his closet to get a sniff of the jock's underwear while he's not there. But Michael turns up unexpectedly and strips off, making Phenix ultra horny and unable to resist whipping out his dick to jack off to the sight before him. Things suddenly change though once Michael spots Phenix hiding in there, and soon enough Phenix's fantasy becomes a reality as Michael drops to his knees and blows him. After taking a face-fucking from Phenix, Michael then gets his own throbbing cock sucked in return before he then leans against the wall with his ass offered up to Phenix….

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Phenix rams his dick into Michael's tight ass and pounds that hole good and hard, fucking the stunning jock deep from behind before flipping him onto the bed to drill him even deeper on his back. After another change in position, Michael is soon riding that big cock balls deep until he's finally left covered in cum and Phenix is left totally drained!

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