Models: Paul Delay, Ethan Duval, Leo Fontaine

Studio: French Twinks

Themes: Threesome, European, Condom

The scene begins with a very fun segment of Paul Delay presenting a cookery program. He shows us how to make a salad, but each time he lists the ingredients we get to see them used on Ethan Duval in some way – for example a cucumber shoved up Ethan's tight hole.

Then it's onto the action as we see Paul spanking Ethan's ass before shoving his tongue into it. He gives Ethan's pink pucker a thorough rimming before Ethan gets to work sucking Paul's rock hard cock. Paul then bends Ethan over the counter and pounds his teen hole good and hard from behind. But it's not over there, as Leo Fontaine suddenly enters the kitchen to join in on the action.

Leo takes over form Paul and pounds Ethan's ass while Ethan sucks Paul's dick. It's then Paul's turn for a pounding, and he lays on his back to take Leo's big dick up his butt. Leo pumps away until he's close to cumming, then the bottom boys kneel before him to let Leo cum on their faces. In return, Ethan and Paul both get to cum over Leo's face.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! The cookery segment is very funny and creative, and the following threesome is very hot and horny.

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