fucks in “Lay Down That Pipe” from MEN.

Plumber Paul Canon is round at Aston Springs house helping fix his kitchen sink. Aston explains that it's a nice piece of pipe Paul has, and Paul mentions how it's the seizer of his Fleshjack. To prove it, Paul shoves his dick inside the pipe and fucks it. Aston is impressed, but he really wants to see Paul pound the Fleshjack he just so happens to have. They move onto the sofa and Paul pumps his cock deep into the sex toy, pounding that Fleshjack hard. Aston helps out, but he soon replaces the toy with his sexy ass!

Aston rides Paul balls deep, bouncing up and down his rock hard cock. Paul then flips him over and drills him from behind before getting him into a pile-drive position. Aston gets his ass rammed even harder by Paul until he's left dripping in jizz. Plumber Paul really does know how to lay down that pipe!

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