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is hard at work studying, but has other ideas in mind for the inked jock, so while Allen has a quick snooze Paul sneaks into his house and wakes him up – by licking his bulging briefs and passionately kissing him! Now studying is the furthest thing from Allen's mind, and his big throbbing cock is just aching for attention. Paul doesn't hesitate to wrap his lips around that thick uncut cock and suck every inch of it, and before long both of them are totally naked and blowing one another.

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Paul then gets a hunger for ass, so he flips Allen around and buries his face into the jock's beautiful butt. He lets his tongue work it's way between those peachy cheeks and rim Allen's tight hole, and one it's good and wet it's then time for his dick to do the work! He rams his hard cock deep into Allen's ass and fucks the young stud hard, pounding him from behind an then flipping him onto his back for an even deeper fuck…..

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Now that's what you call a study break!

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