Sexy jock Paul Canon fucks young stud Scott Riley in “Split Personality” part 3 from MEN.

In this scene, Scott has had enough of boyfriend Paul's lies and confronts him bout his so called split-personality. Paul begrudgingly admits it's all a lie, and says he'll so anything to make it up to Scott. With hat power, Scott immediately takes advantage and orders Paul to come and suck his dick! Paul obliges and blows Scott right here in the kitchen. Scott is soon hungry for cock himself though, and pull down Paul's pants so he can wrap his lips around the jock's throbbing dick.

Scott's twitching hole is soon aching for Paul's dick too, so the young stud bends over the counter and offers up his butt to Paul. The sexy jock doesn't hesitate to ram his boner deep inside that tight hole and fuck Scot hard from behind. The horny pair then move into the bedroom where Paul pounds Scott on his back until he fucks the cum right out of him. Paul is then ready to blow too, and pulls out to fire his jizz all over Scott as well, leaving him drenched in both of their loads…..

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