I could have watched this video forever, it’s one of those scenes you wish would never end. Helix Studios has Andy Taylor and Caleb Johnson out on the balcony enjoying the view of the city and they start embracing, kissing, and groping. Unfortunately for any of the neighbours watching through their binoculars, Andy and Caleb move inside to continue their horny afternoon session in bed.
hx103_scene96_016I see a lot of sex while collecting stuff to present here at Dylan’s Daily Dose, and I have to say that this is one of the most passionate and romantic scenes I’ve seen in a long while. Andy and Caleb are supposed to be lovers, so their sex is slow, luxurious, amorous, and erotic. Lots of kissing, touching, and gentleness. And even when they get into the oral sequence, it’s like their making love to each other’s cocks. I could watch these two sucking dick all day.

Even the fucking is slow and steamy with lots of kissing and purposeful, deep thrusts. I really enjoyed watching this scene, nothing rushed about it. And when Andy cums all over Caleb’s still-hard cock, he cleans it up with his tongue. If you like watching lovers turning each other on in a steamy session, you’ll love this one – even the free preview will get your cock stirring in your shorts.