Blond twink puts on a sexy show with a helping hand from  in his new solo session for Helix Studios.

With hot blond jock Max Carter filming the action, we get to see twink cutie Noah White teasing touch and grope his growing bulge through his tight undies as he lays back on the couch. Unable to resist though, we do get to see a brief appearance from Max's hand as he also gives that big bulge a stroking. Once Noah's hard dick is freed from those briefs, Max gives that a cheeky tug too! We then get to see Noah play with himself for a while and turn over to give us a good look at his beautiful butt. Max can't resist giving that a good grope too – but then who could?

We then see Noah turn back over and continue to seductively jerk himself off as Max continues to lend a helping hand, and then finally the blond boy squirts out a huge load of cum all over himself, leaving him laid in pools of his own hot jizz. I can't help but wonder if max helped clean that up with a helping tongue……..

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