Dark-haired stud fucks young jock in part 1 of MEN.com's new series, “Group Home”.


Arriving at the group home, twink Zach Taylor (former model at Helix Studios and making his debut at MEN in this new series) finds he has to share a room with four other guys, including Noah and Will. The guys welcome him, but when Will and Noah start making out the other guys instruct Zach to leave with them and let Noah and Will have the room to themselves. Noah and Will continue their making out in private, and then Noah whips out his fat dick which Will greedily gobbles up. Will then gets his own dick sucks in return by his group home buddy before they move onto some anal action.

Will is the bottom boy, and he gets his legs spread wide open by Noah so the stud can pound him good and deep. Will gets his tight hole slammed in several positions as he clings to the bunk bed, including a fantastic pile-drive fuck with a great view of Noah's chunky boner pumping in and out of him!

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