Nicky and Caden have only known each other for less than an hour, but the chemistry between them is already off the charts. It's Caden's first time ever on the Sean Cody set, and Nicky says, “Which makes me the veteran, of sorts.” “It's nice to be with a pro,” Caden replies. This big, strong hunk describes himself as a bottom “80% of the time” although he does enjoy topping guys smaller than him. They're both excited to get started, and so things quickly heat up as the guys passionately kiss and undress each other.

Caden first sucks Nicky's throbbing cock, and then it's Nicky's turn to taste Caden's stiff dick before fingering his eager hole. Nicky slides his bareback dick into Caden and pounds the bottom missionary, then slams that ass in a spooning position. He takes a short break to suck Caden's cock, and gets back to drilling the hunk's hole before covering Caden's face with his hot jizz!