Models: Nic Sahara, Adrian Hart

Studio: Next Door Raw

Themes: Bareback, Interracial, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Black stud Adrian is laid back in the sex-sling, completely naked and feeling horny as he strokes his cock and plays with his hole. Nic walks by outside and sees a sign on the door saying “cum inside” which intrigues him. He heads into the room and walks right up to Adrian, then goes to work sucking the stud's throbbing boner. He spends a good while slowly sucking that thick black cock, then stands up and slides his own raging boner deep into Adrian's willing hole. Nic pounds that hole hard and fast, making Adrian swing back and forth in the sling. We get a great close-up of Nic's raw dick from underneath as it furiously pumps in and out of Adrian's ass.

After a good slamming, Nic gets Adrian to turn around and bend over on the sling. He then pounds the stud from behind and makes sure his dick goes in balls deep with every thrust. Adrian jerks off his big black cock and shoots a nice load all over the sling. Nic prepares to cum by jerking off, but quickly shoves his dick back inside Adrian's ass before he unloads his first drop. He breeds Adrian as his jizz pumps into the black stud's hole, then we see that cum ooze out as Nic removes his spent dick. Now that he's done, Nic grabs his clothes, gets dressed, and leaves Adrian laid back in the sling again.

Dick Detective's verdict: A very hot breeding from Nic, and lots of great close-ups of the anal action throughout the scene.

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