Jordan Thomas & Jamie Delrey

A really hot pairing for the newest College Dudes update – Newbie Jamie Delrey and regular Jordan Thomas. The newbie is really cute, and during the opening interview he's clearly a little nervous, but the ever gorgeous Jordan soon makes him feel comfortable!0

The boys start making out whilst they strip each other, and we soon find Jamie already has a rock-hard boner. Jordan gets on his knees, and the moment his lips wrap tightly around Jamie's dick you can see the newbie throw his head back in pure pleasure. He loves every second as Jordan sucks, licks and slurps on his throbbing bone. It's then Jamie's turn to give Jordan a blowjob, and once the blond stunner's dick is fully hard the newbie struggles to get all that huge length in his mouth.00

Jordan really wants Jamie's ass though, commenting on how nice it is once he bends over on the bed. After a bit of fingering, Jordan then slides the full length of his big dick into that tight, willing hole. Jordan gets up a good rhythm and is soon fucking Jamie's ass hard and fast. Jamie stays rock-hard throughout, which looks very impressive once he climbs on top and rides Jordan balls deep. The newbie's dick is is so hard it doesn't even sway from side to side as his ass gets pounded, it literally just stays straight up like a cock-shaped rock!000

But what's even more impressive is the amount of cum Jamie shoots! A whole glass-full of cum shoots out of his dick whilst Jordan is fucking him, which then sends the blond boy over the edge and he quickly pulls out to shoot another impressive load all over Jamie.

I can't wait to see this newbie in action again!

  • Dylan

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