Gay porn newbie Colton James makes his hot debut in this Helix Studios duo scene with bubble-butt bottom boy Tyler Hill.

19 year old twink Colton is certainly a looker, but he's not just a pretty face – the boy's got skills too! He's got a real talent for playing the guitar, but that's not the only skill he has of course as we find out once he and Tyler hook up in the studio. The boys make out before Tyler unleashes Colton's rock hard dick and gets to work sucking and swallowing every inch of it. It's a big chunky dick too, and Tyler certainly seems to love wrapping his lips around it!

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After some 69 action, Colton then shows off what he can do with his tongue as he probes Tyler's pink pucker with it, rimming and tongue-fucking the bottom boy's smooth ass and burying his face deep inside those beautiful butt cheeks.

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Colton then drives every inch of his big boner deep into Tyler's tight hole and fucks that ass hard, pumping away with some great enthusiasm as he fills Tyler's ass up and massages the twink deep inside. Colton really like to fuck hard and fast, and Tyler certainly isn't complaining as he moans away loving every second of it, right up until Colton cums all over his ass and then licks it up to share a cum-filled kiss with the bottom boy!

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