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Young cutie Nathan is a newbie at Helix Studios, and we learn a little about him at the start of these scene as Grayson fires off some probing questions to him. Turns out he's a swallower and not a spitter! Once the interview is over, the boys get down to action with some passionate kissing and sizzling oral action. Nathan's got a nice dick on him which Grayson hungrily sucks and slurps on as the blond boy looks on intently. It would seem Grayson knows exactly how to service Nathan's dick! The blond boy then returns the blowjob, and I love how he keeps eye contact with Grayson as he sucks on his stiff boner.

They then move onto the anal action, and Nathan slides his raw cock all the way into Grayson's butt and proceeds to fuck him from behind. Nathan likes the hard and fast approach to fucking, so it's good thing Grayson can take it. They fuck in just a couple of positions, but the last one is a great one with Grayson on his back as Nathan pounds the cum right out of him!

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