It's a heavy week over at Helix Studios, not that I'm complaining one bit! After his solo earlier in the week, Nathan is back in a duo with . And this time he's the bottom!

The cute blond boy has topped both times in his previous duos, and I for one have been looking forward to seeing him bottom. I'm happy it's with Evan too, as he's one of ' consistent and strongest tops. Evan has a great and relentless fucking rhythm that makes you believe he could go for hours. This new scene is no exception!

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The scene starts off with Evan jerking off on his own until Nathan comes down the stairs and spots him. “That's hot” the blond boy proclaims, and moments later he has his lips firmly wrapped around Evan's throbbing boner. Nathan spends a good while servicing every inch of that dick, and then gets his own big boner blown in return before Evan turns him round. We then see Evan squeeze his dick through the blond twink's super-tight sphincter until it's buried all the way inside, and the sexy top then proceeds to fuck it hard and fast. BUT….. Nathan's butt hole is so tight that Evan gets close after just a minute – and then cums all over the bottom's sexy ass. Damn. It really must have been tight!

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Don't worry though, Evan is straight away ready to go again and dives right back in to continue fucking Nathan. After a much longer while drilling him in a few more positions, Evan fucks the cum out of Nathan before then dumping his load all over that ass once again. It was great seeing Nathan be on bottom for a change, and I'd definitely love to see him bottom again in the future!

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