Models: Legrand Wolf, Myles Landon,

Studio: Boy For Sale

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Threesome

Cute slave is owned by Master Legrand, but Legrand is always happy to share his toy with a good buddy like Myles Landon. In the bedroom, crawls over to the two sexy daddies who are waiting for him on the bed. With Legrand's permission, muscle daddy Myles gets to caress Blake's naked body before the boy undresses them both. Blake kisses the huge bulge in Legrand's underwear while Myles gropes and plays with the boy's butt. Once the two hung daddies free their big dicks, Blake goes right to work sucking and licking them both at the same time. Master Legrand suggests to his buddy Myles that he eats out Blake's ass.

Myles gives it a through rimming, then we see Legrand slide his big bare fuck-pole into that tight twink hole. sucks Myles' cock while he takes a pounding from behind, and then with his master's permission, he turns around to let Myles have a go on his hole too. Myles slams that town ass deep with his thick raw cock while Blake sucks on his master's huge rod. Legrand then takes over again and drill his slave boy's hole until he's ready to cum. The hung daddy unloads deep inside of Blake, showing Myles how he loves to breed his fuck toy.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A sizzling daddy & son threesome. I love watching two hot daddies tag-team a twink like this.

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