Models: Myles Landon, Ian Levine

Studio: Gaycest

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Daddy and son, Myles and Ian, are both on the bed together. Ian is laid out playing video games while Myles is sat up working on his laptop. Myles glances over at his boy and sees Ian's sexy butt calling to him. The hunk is horned-up in no time and can't resist reaching over to grope that sexy twink ass. The distraction is too much for Myles, so he puts his laptop down to fully concentrate on Ian's little bubble butt. he pulls off Ian's shorts, then buries his face into that butt and hungrily eats it out. Meanwhile, Ian continues to play his game as his daddy eats out his hole. After a thorough rimming, Myles' thick and chunky dick is throbbing and in urgent need of some action.

Myles frees his boner and rams it into Ian's butt, sliding the full length in deep and raw. Feeling that big bare daddy dick inside of him soon has Ian forgetting his video game. The boy moans in delight as Myles slams him from behind. The pair then get into the missionary position and Myles continues to pound Ian's hole until he can't hold back. The hunk cums inside his boy, breeding his hole with his hot fresh seed. Now the daddy and son can get back to what they were doing… util that twink ass proves a distraction once again!

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A hot daddy and son scene from real-life couple Myles and Ian.

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