Muscly hunk has invited his son's friend, Danny Wilcoxx, to the cabin for some one-on-one time. He's seen Danny checking him out, and wants to get to know the boy much more intimately. Myles has a jockstrap for Danny to wear, so the twink gets undressed and puts it on. Myles begins touching the boy all over, paying attention to his butt and big bulge in the jockstrap. The hunk then stands, revealing his own bulging jockstrap, and passionately kisses the cute twink before him.

They move to the bed, and lots more sensual kissing, touching, and groping follows. After lots of passionate foreplay, Myles begins fingering Danny's tight hole. He then teases that hole with the tip of his dick before sliding in deep and bareback. Myles goes gentle at first, then gets Danny in the doggy position and pounds him from behind. Midway through the pounding, Myles' phone rings. It's Danny's mom checking to see if Danny is doing ok at the sleepover. Myles continues drilling Danny as he tells the boy's mom that he's never met such a well behaved boy before, while Danny covers his mouth to stifle his moans and groans.

The pair then continue, and Myles cums deep inside of Danny's ass, breeding the boy. he pulls out, and a tiny bit of his cum leaks out, but he soon pushed it back inside with his dick. The pair passionately kiss again as the scene then ends.

Dick Detective's thoughts: An exceptionally passionate and sensual scene, with a lot of deep kissing and touching and groping for the first two thirds of the scene. But that is quite a refreshing and hot change of pace. It all ends with some hardcore pounding and breeding though, of course!