Hung stud  tops sexy jock in the newest scene from Next Door World titled “Let Me Hold It”.

In this scene, Michael and Dakota are roomies who end up sharing more than just a house together…. Michale goes to check in on his buddy but finds him just finishing up with his Fleshjack and heading to the bathroom. Michael decides to sneak in and give the toy a try out for himself, but as he gets in the moment fucking his dick into the toy, he fails to hear Dakota coming back into the room. Dakota is shocked and angry to find Michael using his Fleshjack, but Michael's only defence is that he couldn't help it as it feels so good. He even cheekily asks Dakota if it's ok if he finishes himself off before leaving!

Dakota eventually agrees, and soon the horny jocks are using the toy on one another, each holding the Fleshjack for the other person as they fuck their dicks into it. Dakota is surprised and shocked at the size of Michael's dick, and he soon gets to feel what that mammoth meat feels like in his mouth too as he blows the hung jock and sucks every inch of his lengthy cock. The guys then 69 and suck each other's stiff dicks at the same time, and once they're done blowing one another Dakota gets his second taste of Michael's big dick….

Michael slides his huge length deep into Dakota's tight butt hole and fucks that ass hard and fast. He pounds the jock all over the bed, fucking his butt from every angle as they change positions until they're both finally ready to blow their hot loads all over!

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