Models: Michael Jackman, Avery Jones

Studio: Next Door Twink

Themes: Bareback, Jock On Twink, Creampie/Cum In Ass

Clueless twink has broken down and can't fix his tyre. Luckily for him, sexy jock comes to his rescue. Michael takes Avery back to his place while they wait for the repair truck to arrive. Avery's ‘power bottom' crop-top gives Michael an ice-breaker which leads to the pair heading in to the bedroom. Michael pushes Avery to the bed and lustfully kisses the twink before he pulls off his own jeans and reveals a big hard bulge in his undies. Avery kisses the bulge then frees the big boner inside so he can take it down his throat. The twink sucks, slurps, and swallows Michael's chunky cock as Michael plays with the Avery's ass.

We then see Michael turn Avery around and pulls his jeans down to expose his sexy power-bottom ass. The jock hungrily eats out Avery's ass and gets the hole good and wet before he slides his thick raw dick deep inside. Avery gets pounded from behind by Michael's bare boner, then we see some ass-to-mouth oral as they transition into a new position with Avery on his back. Michael pulls out and rims Avery's hole before he lets the twink sit on his dick and ride it. Avery shoots his load over Michael as he bounces up and down, then we see Michael creampie Avery's hole before sliding his dick and jizz back inside. Michael then eats out Avery's hole and licks up his own cum so he can share a sloppy kiss with the boy.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A smoking hot pairing and lots of sizzling action throughout.

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