It's been over a year since filmed with . But he did leave with a bang, well, a gang bang. (Yes, I went there! :p) Carter and his real-life boyfriend got together for one of their afternoon romps and filmed it for Helix's Real Cam feature. These are more intimate sessions without a camera man stepping all over them.

There are a lot of horny and standout moments in this session. Max is lying back and filming his boyfriend between his legs and giving him head. The view of Max's ripped abs is superb. Man, he must work hard to maintain those. Later, Max kneels on the sofa holding Kyle's legs and pumping him hard. This position really shows off Max's strong, thick thighs, and his ass is pretty damn hot too!

When Kyle gets fucked he curls his toes, but when he tops he doesn't. (The stupid things I notice in porn videos!) Max does ride his boyfriend's dick, but Kyle spends a lot more time getting fucked. And he seems quite happy with that, moaning “Oh baby,” over and over.

And if you're a Max Carter fan, Helix Studios has welcomed him back with a double penetration fuck. That's right, both and stuff Max's butt!

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