Models: Max Carter, Adam Hunt

Studio: Spank This

Themes: Spanking, Twinks, Fetish

has lost his phone and catches blond twink playing with it. He decides to punish the boy by bending him over his knee and spanking him! Max's hand slaps against the tight white jeans caressing Adam's butt, making a loud connecting sound. But those jeans don't stay on long as Max exposes Adam's bare ass and continues to spank it hard. Adam's butt cheeks turn redder and redder as Max slaps them over and over, making Adam moan in pain as he takes his punishment from the blond jock. Max certainly gets pleasure from spanking Adam's ass, but will Adam learn his lesson from the punishment?

Best moment: Max making Adam count the spanks as he slaps his butt.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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