is always a popular model and it's not hard too see why. He's definitely one of my faves so I always look forward to seeing a new scene with him in, and this time he's paired up with Adrian Rivers.

The story revolves around Max being sad over a break-up, and Adrian tells him the best way to get over someone is to get under someone (He totally went there!). Then, yep Рyou've guessed it Рthey start making out and stripping off  until their rock-hard boners are out and sliding down each other's throats. Adrian does a great job of sucking Max's big dick which looks amazing as it slides between his lips. Adrian has a pretty big dick too, and after Max has blown him he gets to slide his chunky pole into the blond twink's tight ass bareback!

Watching being fucked bareback by a hot twink is something I could do all day long, and Adrian really slams him hard from behind, thrusting every inch of his cock deep into him. Adrian doesn't do all the work though Рonce Max climbs on top he rides him hard like a hungry power-bottom. Fuck yeah!

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